The Pilot Project

The Programme

This programme was a two-semester pilot project, that features five basic modules of the degree programme Communication and Media in addition to the regular major. Students of any masters programme can participate in the special courses and gain important skills in communication and media.

However, this programme is especially suitable for master students in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Sciences, English and Linguistics and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

After the successful participation of all five modules on March 27th, all students received a certificate.

This future-oriented, dynamic discipline touches many interdisciplinary areas. The core areas are Linguistics, Information Architecture and Information Management, Visual Communication, Media and IT. Special topics and specialisations complement these core areas.

For detailed information about the coursework of the two semesters of Pilot Courses click here. 

The Pioneer Students

Bild Vicky

Victoria Mutune

Masters in Tourism Management and Hospitality

As a student in the programme, I can confirm that it’s unlike the typical courses offered in most universities. The courses are specific to identified needs and take a direct approach towards filling gaps that have been identified but little addressed. It’s completely hands on, interactive and in my experience bridges the gap between learning concepts and practicing at a professional level. And that’s not all – the courses are a standalone gateway to working in the field of Communication and Media. 

Bild John Mbugua

John Mbugua

Masters in Sociology

Applying to MCM and commiting to learn more about communication is the best decision that i made  this year. I have always wanted to learn more about Technical Communication to aid in my project management in youth and women empowerment projects. Learning Technical Communication skills  has been amazing and eye opening. Finally, the courses will enhance my communication skills in Research, Project Management and Social Media Influencing.

Bild Alice

Alice Keru

Masters in Philosophy

It has only been one semester since I enrolled but I have learned things I never thought I would learn. The courses are taught in a friendly way and the instructional design is learner-focused and interactive. I am looking forward to putting the great skills to use and I am certain that I will have an edge in future job positions.

Bild Carol

Carol Jacob

Masters in Literature 

The latter arrived just when I needed it the most.  My line of work requires more professionalism, and the MCM courses provide that in spades. As a communication officer who relied on the YouTube Academy for such, I was lacking some crucial skills. I currently feel informed enough after taking these courses to the point where I could serve as a coach on YouTube. How interesting. In fact, it’s a wager worth making!

Bild Mercy

Mercy Jerotich

Masters in Literature

I applied the MCM course  because I always wanted to be a communication expert all through my life. I have pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Literature,but I don’t feel fed up with literature alone. Like I have the language yes, how do I expound my language to different fields in communicating to people from all fields? To answer this, I believe that MCM is suitable for me so that I can be in a position to manouver all fields in ensuring that ‘exquisite’ communication is core. All the units build from each other making it most enjoyable. I’m really grateful for the opportunity,can’t wait to learn and explore more. Thank you.

Bild Peter

Peter Guni

Bachelors in Computer Science

After joining the MCM programme, I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. The coursework was exceptional and I greatly benefited from the program as a student. I must admit that the interactive and hands-on sessions with our instructors helped me to build my confidence in my work. The courses I took really helped to fill in specific knowledge gaps that I had. As a professional, I will continue to practice professionalism in order to help others do the same.

Bild Martha

Martha Olungati

Masters in Business Administration

What comes to your mind when you hear MCM? The reason I applied to  the MCM course programme is for self-development and to gain more knowledge in the area of communication  and media. The course ensures that the knowledge delivered is relevant and useful for today’s use. This enables ease in relation to the global society and gives an understanding on how to better bridge the gap.

Bild John Nene

John Nene

Masters in Sociology

There’s something that stands out about the MCM course, and as a student in the programme, I can confirm that it’s unlike the typical courses offered in most universities. The courses are specific to identified needs, and take a direct approach towards filling gaps that have been identified but little addressed. It’s completely hands on, interactive, and in my experience, bridges the gap between learning concepts and practicing at the professional level. 

Bild Persila

Persila Oluoch

Masters in Sociology

Applying to the MCM programme has made me learn new skills in different topics. Overall the classes have made me discover a new talent and I found my passion for Technical Communication.

Foto Emmanuel

Emmanuel Baraka

Masters in Kiswahili

Everything about MCM is amazing, for me this is not a class, it’s an experience made by people who care and support growth. Being a part of MCM has been virtuous and fulfilling among other notable impacts. This course has not just shaped my career dream in communication and media but also sharpened my skills and enhanced my professionalism. I am more than happy to still learn, grow and become a better version. As for being one of the wonderful pioneers? Yes! It feels special. 

Bild Rukia

Rukia Mwadime

Masters in English and Linguistics

Being able to communicate is vital to being an effective educator. As a teacher, MCM is very crucial for me since teaching is, at its core, communication. The MCM programme has helped me build soft skills in Technical Communication, especially in presenting content in an orderly manner to the learners and using language that is clear, concise and accurate.




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