Career Prospectives

There are various career prospects with a specialisation in Communication and Media. The course of studies forms the well-founded basis for one activity as a specialist within the framework of the globalised knowledge and information management.

Take on lucrative job opportunities and challenging conceptual tasks in the field of Communication and Media.

Possible careers are Technical Writer, Information Architect/Manager, Content/Social Media Manager, Terminologist, Translation Manager, UX Designer and Knowledge Manager.

Become an expert in your field of study and additionally specialize in technical communication and information management.

Career prospectives

Technical Writer

The occupational field of Technical Writing includes designing, creating and updating all kinds of technical documentation, such as operating instructions, installation and assembly instructions and support documents.

As a Technical Writer you will create user and help manuals, product specifications, reports, press releases, white papers, data sheets and business proposals. Some companies also rely on you as a specialist for terminology or user interfaces.

Career prospectives

Information Architect

Tactical, strategic and operational decisions are made regarding the use and security of a company´s computer- and network system. That includes research and innovation in terms of user-friendly, straight-forward strategies.

As an Information Architect, you will create and develop layouts, diagrams and user interfaces for desktop and smartphone devices. In general, the field describes planning, coordinating and managing all computer-related activities within a company.

Career prospectives

Social Media Manager

Social Media or Content Managers are responsible for a company´s corporate communications on all kinds of social networks. They manage social media channels to engage their audience and promote a company´s services but also values and corporate identity.

As a Social Media Manager you publish news and important messages, respond to inquiries and engage in discussions. Social Media Managers also monitor and measure the PR processes with various tools.

Career prospectives


The areas of responsibility for a Terminologist include collecting and documenting technical terms in general. That means performing thematic terminology searches, creating files for future referral and cataloging terms in specification to a certain industry or organization.

Terminologists also act as linguistic advisors for clients, managing and maintaining linguistic information, ensuring uniformity and consistency and acting as translators, revisers and proof-readers especially for documents that require specialized terminology.

Career prospectives

Translation Manager

Translation Management describes an often software-based process that manages the translation of various digital assets, ranging from web pages to apps and thereby maintaining proper context and meaning in each language and regional version. Translation managers also need a sense for creativity and ingenuity.

As a Translation Manager you would work multifaceted. The job evolves around organization, negotiation and supervision above all else.

Career prospectives

UX Designer

User Experience (UX) Design describes the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function to make it more usable, enjoyable and accessible. As a UX Designer you monitor and control all steps from basic planning to final programming or production.

User Experience Designers create products or services that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users and idealize the connection and interaction between humans and products.

Career prospectives

Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Management is a field that describes several aspects of all strategic or operational activities as well as management tasks that aim for efficient handling and managing of knowledge. The interdisciplinary field includes the areas of business administration, computer sciences, information science, educational theory and business informatics.

Knowledge Managers identify, organize, store and distribute information within a company or organization to make it more accessible for employees.




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