Benefits for Organizations

Empower your Business with Student Talent

We invite you and your company to join hands with us in a mutually beneficial partnership. By offering students the opportunity to complete their Master’s theses within your organization, you can reap a host of benefits and explore the potential for future collaboration.

Our students are well-equipped with a diverse set of skills, including digital competencies, that can be invaluable to your organization. They bring fresh perspectives and an eagerness to learn and apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

MCM students are equipped with an understanding of customer needs, a critical aspect in the ever-evolving world of communication and media. Their insights can help your organization stay ahead of the curve, delivering products and services that resonate with your target audience.

Guidance and Mentorship

During the placement, it is recommended that a student be assigned a mentor within your institution. This mentor plays a crucial role in the student’s day-to-day work and learning, collaborating with the study coordinator. They also act as a key point of contact for communication between the student, your organization, and the University, ensuring a smooth and productive partnership.

For your company, hosting a student for their Master’s thesis provides a unique opportunity to work closely with a future professional. You benefit from their comprehensive skill set, insights, and fresh perspectives while contributing to their academic growth. This collaboration not only fosters the development of the next generation of communication and media professionals but also positions your organization at the forefront of innovation and talent acquisition.

Join us in this exciting journey, and let's shape the future of communication and media together!

Collaborative Requirements

Duration Matters: Covering the Thesis Timeline

One of the first considerations for students and companies engaging in a combined thesis-work placement experience is the duration. Official recommendations suggest that the work placement should span the entire duration required for the completion of the thesis. Typically, this processing period is around 6 months. By ensuring that the work placement aligns with the thesis timeline, our students can immerse themselves fully in their research, and your company can benefit from the students’ commitment to their projects.

100% Commitment: A Win-Win Approach

It is highly recommended that 100% of the work time of our students is dedicated to both the Master’s thesis and the work placement. This commitment is not only essential for academic success but also for creating value for your company. By concentrating their efforts, students can make significant contributions to your organization while advancing their academic goals.

A Partnership Built on Mutual Success

The journey of writing a Master’s thesis while interning at a company is a remarkable opportunity for both students and for your company as host organizations. By adhering to official recommendations, you can ensure a smooth and productive collaboration.

To kickstart this mutually beneficial journey, let’s take the first step together. Reach out to explore the possibilities and embark on a thesis-work placement experience that promises growth and success for all involved!

Come with us on an exciting journey where academic and professional growth go hand in hand, setting the stage for future success!

Company Voices

Collaboration with our Master’s program is not just a choice but a strategic investment in the future of communication and media. We present to you ‘MCM in Practice’ – a compelling series of video interviews that offer a unique glimpse into the real-world applications of our program. We’ve engaged in insightful conversations with diverse companies to shed light on the varying demands across industries. Through these interviews, we illustrate how our students are not just equipped but excel in meeting the challenges posed by different sectors.

By delving into the perspectives of leading professionals, we provide valuable insights into the expectations and requirements of today’s communication and media landscape. We invite you to explore the immense value that our MCM graduates bring to the table.

We would definitely gain if we were to get an MCM graduate.

Farid Kipirash is a marketing specialist, currently serving as a Product Marketing Manager at Butterfly Tech Solutions ( The company spezalizes in building mobile and web applications for their clients. 


MCM graduates would be
highly considered.

Emmanuel Barakah is the founder and managing director of KNOB DIGITAL ( The startup focuses in crafting digital experiences and assisting marketing departments in diverse ways, aiming to enhance their visibility and drive sales.


Your hard skills will get you the job, but your soft skills will keep you in the company.

Adaeze Chime is a certified technical communicator. In this video podcast she talks about the essential do’s and don’ts for a successful career launch and shares insights in the professional world.


Time steps:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:57 Tell us about your background, studies, and your current role.
  • 01:58 Tell us about the company you work for.
  • 04:04 How would you assess the relationship between hard skills and soft skills?
  • 05:36 Tell us about your impression of the MCM study program.
  • 10:43 Is it advantageous for your company to recruit fresh graduates directly from university?
  • 12:36 Are you offering internships in your company?
  • 14:15 What is your advice for aspiring technical communicators, software documentation consultants, and related fields?
  • 16:22 What would you recommend NOT to do?
  • 17:21 Outro