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Big Kick-off event in September 2022

On September 22, 2022, a big Kick-Off Event took place at Pwani University. The programme started with an official welcome by representatives of Pwani University, including Edith Miano, Dr. Elizabeth Munyaya, Prof. Yakobo Mutiti, Dr. Rukiya Swaleh, Dr. Nancy Ngowa and the project leader Prof. Sissi Closs from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

The following presentations focused on the field of technical communication, described career perspectives, the development of the discipline on the global labour market, and the importance of the new study programme for Pwani University. The event was attended by representatives of Pwani University, the project team and the students of the new courses, as well as more than 60 interested Bachelor students.

The Field of Study

Technical Communication is a young discipline, established with an interdisciplinary character to serve in all various kinds of occupational areas early on. The main purpose of this discipline is to fulfill our users information needs in the best possible way.

In Germany, legal requirements within the technical field have ensured that manufacturers of technical products must provide suitable information products that meet quality criteria such as correctness, quick access and comprehensibility. As a result, there has been a growing need for people with specific communication skills, which eventually led to the establishment of the first degree programs in this area in 1999.

At the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (HKA), Prof. Sissi Closs established the program Technical Communication (now Communication and Media Management) in collaboration with two colleagues. Not even 20 years later, the industry has developed into a flourishing business. It quickly became apparent, that the unique interdisciplinary possibilities of this discipline are not only crucial for the technical area, but are in demand in every area, that has a necessity of understanding user needs, creating information efficiently, structuring and presenting them in media and visual form, managing them and eventually providing them in a media- and user-friendly way.

As rather young discipline, Communication and Media, under designations such as Technical Communication, Communication and Information Management, Technical Editing, Communication and Media Management has experienced an enormous upswing in the last 30 years. At the center of this discipline is the goal of understanding user needs, creating and managing information efficiently, and creating content in a way that is appropriate to the target group, situation and media. 

This future-oriented, dynamic discipline touches many interdisciplinary areas. The core areas are Linguistics, Information Architecture and Information Management, Visual Communication, Media and IT. Special topics and specialisations complement these core areas.

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Alexander Muthanga Murigi explains what these additional courses are about and what unique lifetime experience you can take from this.

About the Programme

This programme is a two-semester pilot project, that features five basic modules of the degree program communication and media in addition to the regular major. Students of any master´s program can participate in the additional special courses and gain important skills in communication and media.

However, this programme is especially suitable for master students in the fields Business Administration, Computer Sciences, English and Linguistics and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

After the successful participation of all five modules, all students will receive a certificate.

What our Pioneers say

Good communication can be a very useful tool when it comes to managing the workforce and developing tremendous strategies and policies. Also, effective communication within an organisation tends to boost employee morale, settle goals and increases employee efficiency. This strengthens the employee and organisation relationships, leads to innovation and builds support to the organisations misson. As a matter of fact managers are targeting and connecting employees through communicating channels in order to create a successful work environment. All these things will help the organisation to know if everyone is on the same page or not. At last, the collaboration of teamwork and the directional flow of information enables managers to build tremendous strategies regarding business growth.
Martha Olungati
Master in Business Administration
Language and Communication marks a huge aspect in the hospitality and tourism industry, as learning about cultures and foreign languages is vital and helps to enhance costumer experience and eases communication. The field of media and communication in hospitality and tourism enables people to design messages, understand audiences and work with new technologies. It helps diversifying career scopes and benefits service providers, costumers and scholars of hospitality and tourism. Furthermore it brings efficiency and advantage for various fields like marketing, public relations, social media, graphic design, sales, event planning, translation, television and journalism.
Victoria Mutune
Master in Tourism Management and Hospitality




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