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The second semester of Special Courses officially started on Monday, January 16th with an introduction to Software Documentation, a huge part of the career field of Technical Communication. The session was held by Project Lead Prof. Sissi Closs and Guest Lecturer Adaeze Chime, Software Documentation Senior Consultant and certified Technical Communicator in Nigeria.

The second semester will feature two modules, Media and Communication II and German for Communication. See the Courses and Content page for more detail

The Field of Study

Technical Communication is a young discipline, established with an interdisciplinary character to serve in all various kinds of occupational areas early on. The main purpose of this discipline is to fulfill our users information needs in the best possible way.

In Germany, legal requirements within the technical field have ensured that manufacturers of technical products must provide suitable information products that meet quality criteria such as correctness, quick access and comprehensibility. As a result, there has been a growing need for people with specific communication skills, which eventually led to the establishment of the first degree programmes in this area in 1999.

At the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (HKA), Prof. Sissi Closs established the programme Technical Communication (now Communication and Media Management) in collaboration with two colleagues. Not even 20 years later, the industry has developed into a flourishing business. It quickly became apparent, that the unique interdisciplinary possibilities of this discipline are not only crucial for the technical area, but are in demand in every area, that has a necessity of understanding user needs, creating information efficiently, structuring and presenting them in media and visual form, managing them and eventually providing them in a media- and user-friendly way.

As a Masters Programme in this field, we thrive to be an internationally recognized programme of excellence in Communication and Media that meets the growing needs in the society in areas related to Communication and Media applications while sustaining ecxellence in teaching, learning and research in the field of Technical Communication.

This future-oriented, dynamic discipline touches many interdisciplinary areas. The core areas are Linguistics, Information Architecture and Information Management, Visual Communication, Media and IT. Special topics and specialisations complement these core areas.

The Programme

Our mission with the Masters in Communication and Media is to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge and skills for the development of appropriate knowledge of research in Communication and Media, both locally and internationally so as to produce competent, well-trained technical editors who are able to structure, organize and visualize complex information in a way that is specific to a target-group.

Communication and Information transfer are central to the developing global labor market and communication technologies become a more and more crucial aspect.

The main objectives of this programme are:

  • Understanding user needs
  • Creating and managing information efficiently
  • Structuring and Presenting information in media and audiovisual form
  • Providing knowledge transfer in media- and user-friendly way

The Communication and Media programme is based on the need to provide information in different ways for different target groups. Since the field of technical communication is varied, the programme is designed to be interdisciplinary. The philosophy behind this lies primarily in the fact that students from different faculties and with different levels of prior knowledge can participate in the programme, and thus not only enrich but also improve their communication and information management skills for their specific field of study. The programme is guided by the values of communication and information sciences both as a field of research and as an applied practice.


Schedule of Intakes

With the start of the semester in September 2023.

Mode of Delivery

Distance Learning

Classes will take place virtually with the use and deployment of digital platforms and video conferencing tools.


Face-to-Face Learning

Classes will take place at Pwani University, Kilifi. 


Detailed information about the Curriculum will be provided soon.

Admission Requirements


More information about Admissions will be provided soon.

Application Process

More information about the Application Process will be provided soon.




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